Sunday, April 06, 2008

Cobweb infested blog space and reminiscing some really good musical productions.

Okay, I've been receiving quite a bit of "complaints" that I've been neglecting my blogging responsibility and now the site is overrun with cobwebs and weeds. :) Bear with me, I am in the midst of sorting out my priorities and will work on getting that blog-engine up and running again soon.

So the big question....what have I been up to recently?

Well, I've been working (definitely working), studying (sort of half- hearted studying at best but more procrastination than anything), spending alot of time on my guitar, travelling around Taiwan whenever I got the chance, watching telly during dinners.

What really bugs me about telly nowadays is the quality of some of the shows that they screen. Yup, I'm talking about those really cheap productions that simply take up air time with totally predictable scripts, accompanied by really lousy acting and that fit into a certain....I don't know...mold....

Picture macho man with bandannas crawling in the jungle with their rambo guns or perhaps picture screaming fainting ladies that can bring themselves to say the darndiest things! I tell you that there are really A LOT on telly nowadays. Sometimes I just sit there dumbfolded and let my brain totally rot away.

What I really miss are those good wholesome muscials that I used to grow up watching. Such as "Singing in the Rain", "Fiddler on the Roof", "The Sound of Music" and so on. In fact, I think as a kid, I watch so many re-runs of the musicals that I could sing them by heart at a very very young age. In fact, I don't remember watching much cartoons or Sesame Street, I don't remember liking them very much.

One of the more memorable muscials that I enjoyed is the "The King and I". It really was very very good and I loved it so much that at one point in time I wanted to move to Thailand and grow that little bun on my head. Unfortunately, as I grew older, I soon realized that I would never grow that bun on my head or sit on elephants all day long. Alas......*heart breaks one more time*

ANYWAY, I was talking to my Thai friend about this musical some time back and he told me that this musical is banned in Thailand. Apparently any production related to the monarchy is banned. HORRORS!! I think its a pity.....I thought it was a great production that put Thailand in a very good and charming light. I wanted to become THAI for crying out loud! Hehe.

So, I'm looking for a copy of this musical. Do you know where to find it? Do let me know.

Here is a little snippet: -Getting to know you by Julie Andrews.

I'm a oldie at heart...Everly Brothers

All I have to Do is Dream and Cathy's Clown by Everly Brothers
2 great great songs.....Just love it.