Sunday, December 20, 2009

Shanghai - Si chuan food

Had a short but "Food-full" trip to Shanghai last week. On the first night, we met up with some old friends to have dinner at "Pin Chuan". Its a sze chuan restaurant near "Wu Lu Mu Qi" road and as it was starting to get a little cold and we had craving for spicy food that night, it was simply the perfect choice. The food was good, service was great and with great company.....who is to complain?!?

After dinner, we headed to Hyatt on the Bund and also a pub called "Tara" and I admit that I had one cocktail too many to drink but..hehe...let's say its all well and done.

So due to the awful lighting at the pubs, I will "spare" you the gorgeous view from the top of Hyatt at VIE, or the dim glow of "Tara" (before I rather unglamerously fell asleep for 30 mins.)But is some rather innocent looking, yummilicous pictures of our dinner at Pin Chuan. Perfect - A total of 5 out of 5 Chillis from me.

Cold Dish - Kou Shui Ji (Direct translation - Mouth Watering Chicken)
A must try! We ordered 3 servings that night!

Non spicy French Beans Dish
(One of the 2 non spicy dish we had that night)

Spicy Mushroom
I forgot the name so I won't be inventive here but it was very good. Another must try.

La Zi Ji - Spicy Fried Chicken
(A little oily and there were spices that numb the senses but it was delicious)

Shui Zu Yu - Water boiled Fish
(but it was more like oil boiled fish with vermicelli).
Don't be mistaken by my awful description. It was gorgeous)

Broccoli dish with Seafood
This dish is like the play safe dish. Nothing spectacular but broccolis are good for you so order it!
There was this other dish which is very special and since pictures paint a thousand words and I'm admittedly a little tired of blogging now I'll see if I can post a video of it later.

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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Ding Tai Feng for lunch

Yup! This is what I had for lunch on Friday with my colleagues. Ding Tai Feng in Taiwan is the absolute place to be for steamed dumplings (and probably anywhere else)!! The restaurant has opened up chains in Shanghai, Singapore and probably other countries but, in my honest opinion, can't ever beat the country of origin.... Taiwan!

The business is so good here that you can't make a phone reservation. If you want to eat good food, you have to stand in line like everyone else. The place is teaming with tourists and locals alike and the waitresses are specially selected for their looks, attitude and ability to speak multiple language fluently. Needless to say, they are paid top dollars too!

Ding Tai Feng on Zhong Xiao East road

So popular that they have even got their own souvenir shop!!

Nothing to do with DTF. Just dessert in the office at 4 pm

Yes, I do think that the culture in Taiwan is to eat, eat, eat...non stop!!

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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Prawns Galore.....

There is a really famous restaurant near my place. I like to call it "The Prawn Place" because that is what they are famous for...prawns prawns prawns. Oh yeah...they have crabs, fish and some other seafood but their main dishes are prawns, prawns prawns. (Hehe, yeah, I think you get the point).

The restaurant is called "Golden Shore" (in chinese) and they are so popular that another one opened just right across the street called "Yellow Gold Shore". Its quite confusing but actually there is nothing much to worry about because both places serve the same quality of food. At least, I can't tell the difference!

"Golden Shore" (which is the original) is housed in a solitary building which looks like it is made out of bamboo while the "Yellow Golden Shore" building is housed in a typical gray concrete building. So in terms of ambience, the "Golden Shore" earns top marks from me which also explains why they are still the more popular of the two.

Address at: Kee Lung Road Section 1 (right next to Sung Shan High School)

Here comes the pictures:

Prawns in Lemon Sauce (This has got to be my favourite)

Prawns in Hot Sour Sauce

Prawns in..."San Bei" sauce

Chicken & Mushroom soup

Veggies are good for you!

Guava Juice (Perfect drink for the perfect meal)

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