Thursday, September 29, 2011

Some things are not meant to be.....

Do you know about the typhoon that recently hit Philippines? Yup! Typhoon Nesat is continuing on its Asia tour and is now visiting Hong Kong! Hooray!!!

Anticipating crazy winds and heavy rain, Hong Kong government has raised a Signal 8 level warning which means that all offices and schools are CLOSED!!!

I should be happy but I'm NOT because I've been in the HK office since 6.30am AND even with a signal 8 typhoon, I expect that I will still get my butt into the office so....that's DEDICATION FOR YOU!! *clap clap clap*

Hell! I know I'm ranting but I'm so jealous of all those fortunate people who get to snuggle back into their comforters and listen to the howling winds from the comfort of their bed. I wish I can go back to bed now......but I guess some things are not meant to be. :(

Since there is always a bright side to everything in life, let me end the post on a positive note: I should get a pretty "spectacular" view of the typhoon from the office on the 32nd floor (AND I will try to forget that I'm temporarily trapped here)

I'm SO deprived!

Okay, back to work....