Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Prawns Galore.....

There is a really famous restaurant near my place. I like to call it "The Prawn Place" because that is what they are famous for...prawns prawns prawns. Oh yeah...they have crabs, fish and some other seafood but their main dishes are prawns, prawns prawns. (Hehe, yeah, I think you get the point).

The restaurant is called "Golden Shore" (in chinese) and they are so popular that another one opened just right across the street called "Yellow Gold Shore". Its quite confusing but actually there is nothing much to worry about because both places serve the same quality of food. At least, I can't tell the difference!

"Golden Shore" (which is the original) is housed in a solitary building which looks like it is made out of bamboo while the "Yellow Golden Shore" building is housed in a typical gray concrete building. So in terms of ambience, the "Golden Shore" earns top marks from me which also explains why they are still the more popular of the two.

Address at: Kee Lung Road Section 1 (right next to Sung Shan High School)

Here comes the pictures:

Prawns in Lemon Sauce (This has got to be my favourite)

Prawns in Hot Sour Sauce

Prawns in..."San Bei" sauce

Chicken & Mushroom soup

Veggies are good for you!

Guava Juice (Perfect drink for the perfect meal)

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