Monday, November 30, 2009

Dessert at Haagen Daz

No dinner would be complete without dessert!!(Geez, we've been eating so much these few days, its time for the gym tomorrow)

Anyway, our first choice was to go to Cold Stone for ice cream but for some reason that place was so packed that we had to settle for Haagen Daz. Our consolation prize - a tiny view of the Miramar Ferris wheel on the 5th floor (I think)

At Haagen Daz, we almost always go for Summer Berries which is a 6-scoop ice cream galore on biscuit and tiny slices of strawberries! (picture below). The store had a limited selection of ice cream flavors so we had to order 2 scoops of Rum & Raisin. Not that we were complaining since it is, in my opinion, one of the better flavours from Haagen Daz.

As we were tucking in, we had a funny "arguement" on who was going to eat the whip cream on the biscuit (no one wanted it!!). It was so funny, I wish I could have recorded it down. Ahhh, I love desserts at Haagen Daz, it always makes me happy.

Summer Berries at NTD 350

First cup of coffee for the day at 7.30pm

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