Sunday, November 29, 2009

Outback Steakhouse Taipei

Everywhere around Taipei is the Christmas Spirit. From human size snow globes to all kinds of different and creative Christmas trees. It's hard not to feel joyful. Yes, yes, I know that it's all marketing gimmicks meant to make the "suckers" part with their hard earned cash, but hell, I say let's have Christmas instead of none. I know the year would not feel the same for me without these "marketing" gimmicks so REJOICE while it lasts.....

Okay, let's share some pictures taken during dinner last night at Taipei's Outback restaurant

Outside Outback Steakhouse

Appetizer - Calamari

Outback Fillet Steak (they all look the same, so here it is!)

Piping Hot Apple Cider!

Creme Brulee

Outback is having a promotion now and I suspect that the steaks on promotion are smaller than the regular priced ones - which is fine by me cause I can hardly finish the regular sized ones.

Last but not least, as I've always had a fascination for a cup of piping hot apple cider (maybe due to all those dragonlance books that I used to read) so I was pleasantly surprised to see it on the menu and I must say that it was FANTASTIC!!

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NooBooNooB said...

Dragonlance lol. Another example of me corrupting you.