Sunday, November 22, 2009

Brunch at Diners

Had brunch at Diners (Dunhua South Road. No. 6 on Lane 103) and I'm telling you that the place was packed!!! Despite having made reservations, we had to stand outside in the cold for about 15 minutes and, when we were finally seated, was kindly asked to limit our meal time to 90 minutes.

Service was rather good though and the food was great. We were starving by the time we got our breakfast so pictures (below) taken somewhat 20 secs after the food was delivered showed obvious signs of tampering/poking around. I count my lucky stars that I wasn't shred to pieces by D & bf who good-naturedly put down their forks and *gulp* knifes to let me take some pictures before doing serious damages to our pancakes and toast.

The price for the meal was quite all right for the size and the quality (organic eggs!) so I guess I would definitely visit Diners again soon!! Yummy!

Breakfast Set with Toast

Pancake breakfast set (original)

Pancake breakfast set with banana and chocolate syrup

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