Sunday, November 01, 2009

A great 2 week vacation...I love UK!!

I'm suppose to be studying right now. But I am not. I'm taking a break. (hehe...a long break it seems.) I could go downstairs and practice my guitar or watch Gossip Girl but I chose to come online to brag about my wonderful UK trip that I took in early October.

Okay, outdated news I know. I'm always over 2 weeks too slow but HECK..better late than never...(damn...where have I heard this phrase before...Oh yah...marcusson's wedding. *shudder)

Anyway, I spent my great 3-0 birthday in London. I'm telling you that I totally love that city...I love that country and had such a great time there. I would totally want to work or live there. I LOVE UNITED KINGDOM!!! okok...there there...calm down.

Here is Part One of Two synopsis of my trip (useful if you were also considering to make a trip to UK. I mean everybody is going UK nowadays isn't it?) and I probably would follow up by sharing photos...if I ever get around to it.

Day 1: Friday (Oct 2nd)
1) Took Emirates from Singapore, transit at Dubai then straight to London Heathrow. (What's cool: First time I took Emirates and first time on A380. Beam!)
2) Went to Four Season's famous Duck Rice at Bayswater
3) Went for the Ghost Walk with Richard and lost my Oyster Card!! (stupid)
Day 2: Saturday (Oct 3rd)
1) Joined Golden Tours to Stonehenge, Salisbury (saw the Magna Carta), Bath
2) Had great English chicken stew and apple pie in English pub
Day 3: Sunday (Oct 4th)
1) Went to Covent Garden Flea market and did some shopping (bought 2 hats and cool leather boots)
2) Walked to Leicester Square (pronounced Lester) and bought tickets to Lion King
3) Met friends at restaurant at Trafalgar Square (Malaysian food!!)
4) Did a short tour in National Gallery and then....
5) LION KING musical!! (MUST WATCH!)
Day 4: Monday (Oct 5th)
1) Went to Picadilly Squre to get our London pass and had breakfast at a small cafe (yummy steak with guiness stew...)
2) Took the train to Hampton Court and spent the day there
3) Headed back to London and walked along Thames with great view of London Eye, Parliament House, Big Ben
4) Spent our credits at Namco
5) Dinner at Bayswater Golden Mine (if that is the name)
Day 5: Tuesday (Oct 6th)
1) Breakfast at hotel then spent morning at Tower of London
2) Walked over to Tower Bridge
3) Spent time on warship HMS Belfast
4) Went to London bridge and joined the London Bridge and Tomb Experience at Toole Street. (Highlight - The Squeeze!)
5) Heard the choir at Southwark Cathedral and got my very own catalog. (Beautiful gothic church)

That's all folk! I just realise that my synopsis is totally NOT doing justice to the many things I've done in London but hell, its time to head back to my books.

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