Monday, November 30, 2009

Movie Week & Korean BBQ for dinner

Having not watched a movie for almost a month, this week is supposed to be movie week for me.

This week, I've watched 2012, Ninja Assassin and Christmas Carol (in 3d). My conclusion is: All 3 good movies, by my standards.

2012 was quite a long movie which was "over in a flash". I've read about the different views regarding the Mayan calender and therefore the movie was particularly engaging for me. It was at parts emotional and I dare say that I heard more than a few people sniffing throughout the movie.....I admit that I'm a tad bit cold blooded as I did not shed a tear. Hehe!

Next up: Ninja Assassin. A movie I would probably not pay money to watch. :-P Except for the fact that I admit that I've been sorely mistaken for it was a good movie and therefore Kudos to Rain who seem to have perfected his English over night. I would say he is not an entirely good looking bloke but he has got a perfect body to make up for it. Droooool!!!

Last but not least: Christmas carol in 3D. I really enjoyed it particularly the dialogue between Scrooge and the Ghost of Christmas Present (Does anybody think that the Ghost of Christmas Past - which looks alot like what I think Santa Claus would look like - laughed too much?) Anyway, I had my 6 year old cousin tell me that the moral of the story is not to be grouchy and that she thought the movie was quite scary. I can totally understand why - for some reason there were certain parts of the movie that made me feel like jumping out of my seat and it didn't help that the movie was in 3D and it felt like the spirits could touch me via my supersonic 3D glasses....Keke.

Okay, enough about my for some pictures! And yes, I'm going to bombard your senses with MORE food pictures. I have NO IDEA why I keep posting food pictures nowadays. Its like I'm most inclined to whip out my handy Iphone to snap a couple of pictures just as I'm waiting for my food to be served.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the Korean BBQ we had this evening at B1 of Miramar, Taipei.

The set dinner for 2 persons cost only about TWD 580 and I must say that we found the quality of food very satisfying. Definitely would recommend it if you ever have craving for Korean BBQ in Taipei.

Charcoal grill surronded by korean appetizers

Korean Steamboat (next to Charcoal grill)

Comes with Bim Bim Bak for 2! I love burnt rice...

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