Sunday, July 13, 2008

Getting some discipline back into my life

Time sure flies...its been weeks since my last blog.

Plenty of things have happened over the last few weeks. Some good...others bad. Unfortunately, I have to say that this month more nasty things have happened compared to good ones. As such, I unwittingly found myself spiraling down a bottomless "motivation-sucker" hell hole.

After mopping around over the past few days, I did some soul-searching and decided to do myself a favour and just pull myself out of the rut and get my act together. I figured life still has to go on even though we sometimes find ourselves in a particularly long stretch of bumpy road. *sigh* Is there no justice in this world?

ANYWAY, for starters, I decided to embark on some major "spring-cleaning". Packed up my winter clothes, folded my summer clothes neatly in the cupboards, went through my inventory of toiletary supplies, food stuff and so on. (Threw out the expired stuff so I don't accidentally poison myself in my gloomy state. )

I am happy to share that today I woke up earlier than usual and headed over to Carrefour. This is because last night I decided that today would be curry day so I had to go and buy the ingredients. After chopping, frying, boiling, stewing, steaming, washing, I had a hearty meal, watched a little telly, played on my xbox and chilled out with some "alone-time".

In the evening, I headed over to yoga lessons and my yoga teacher insisted everyone push themselves to the limit. It was a tough session and though I worked really hard at it, I found myself not being able to balance very well on one foot. :P

Right now, my muscles ache a little but seriously I feel really fantastic after the session! I know I have to keep working on my yoga because I absolutely have to get myself back into shape especially since I gained weight in Bangkok. *Fingers crossed*

I'm lying in bed now and it sure feels good when everything feels like it is in order. Another work-week starts tomorrow so deep breathe and chin up!!!!

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