Sunday, January 04, 2009

Synopsis of a great way to start the new year

I had a great start into the new year and hope every day would be as special as the past few days.

For starters, on New Year's eve, I was invited to join a wedding by one of my Taiwan colleagues. It was a special day for the happy couple and I was honoured to attend it to extend my best wishes. After a crowded ride on the MRT train back home, I then wandered on the busy streets of Taipei where everyone were smiling and just having a great time. Oh yes, I also had an unexpected call from a friend whom we had met in Hokkaido but had not spoken to in quite some time. It was great to know that everything was going well for her as we made plans to meet up before she head to London. The fireworks at 101, though not as spectacular as the year before, was in my mind, fantastic to usher in the new year.

On New Year's day, I spent the day packing the house and felt awfully great that I had finished all the task that I set myself out to do that day. Despite the hard work, there was great weather (sunshine despite the low temperature) and with good music, I found myself singing and dancing as I set on the chores that I had not done for months. At 10pm, everything was nicely sorted out and I had the self satisfaction of knowing that I had finally set procrastination aside and had done what needed to be done - everything cleaned and organized.

January 2nd - Cycling trip along the East Coast of Taiwan. A couple of colleagues picked me and took me on a hour drive to Fu Long Train Station where we had a wonderful time cycling and basking in the beautiful scenery. Working on the videos which I hope will be posted up soon.

January 3rd - Messed around with my NAS and did well with learning more than a few things in the wonderful world of computer before heading down to Steve's place to work on his wife's computer. I joined them for dinner (charcoal grilled steak - fantastic) and watched a couple of serials of Monk as we waited for the computer to defragment. Mission accomplished and returned home after 6 hours to relax on the coach and mess around with the NAS some more.

January 4th - Slept in late. Chilling out and resting for the first day of work 2009 tomorrow. Am thinking of calling my friend out for a movie and a nice dinner. Or maybe not. :)

Great way to start the new year........

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Don said...


Was doing some reading earlier about Peng Lai/蓬莱 (though of the fabled immortal island in mythology rather than taiwan), and just unexpectedly caught a very interesting programme on tv abt Peng Hu/澎湖... now coming across your comments on Taiwan... :)

I've never been to Taiwan, but reading your comments about Fu Long beach reminds me of a video I watched of the Hohaiyan Rock Festival, of a very special musician performing.
Wish I can be in taipei now, or at least this saturday night, for her concert...

Sounds like you had a very nice new year's weekend - at your own pace, which is the best way to do anything at all.

May you have many more such weekends in the year ahead...

Don Chu

"If you can spend a perfectly useless afternoon in a perfectly useless manner, you have learned how to live."