Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My new Wordpress Site!

After months of procrastination, I've started another blog (with wordpress) that is meant to cover my "technical" exploits and findings. If that is your cup of tea, please feel free to visit this site here . (Though its currently only about 4 posts strong, I think). :)

I would also like to introduce you to another brand new blog The Art of Living Deliciously written by a dear friend who is currently living in NYC and by the looks of it, having the most insanely busy and wonderful time there. (And everywhere she goes). Nothing has changed! The author was one of the smartest and most fun loving person I've ever known. :)

Anyway, these 2 links have been added to My Blog List on the right for future reference.

Thanks for reading.

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1 comment:

Jocelyn said...

awww...thanks so much for the blog plug hon! you are so awesome! on to reading your blog - MAN you are PROLIFERATE!!