Saturday, October 13, 2007

Yummy birthday cake versus yucky cappuccino ice-cream


Do not be mistaken by its appearance. This cake is like no other.

It was meant to be a surprise from Mak and he had planned for it to be delivered the night before my birthday. So all the arrangements were made online (Mak is in Singapore, cake shop is in Taipei) and everything set as planned.

Alas, on the 7th of october, Taipei was hit by that massive typhoon - Krosa. I'm telling you that it is the worst typhoon I've experienced since I've got here with buckets of water pouring down and powerful winds sweeping through Taipei the entire day.

Apparently, everywhere in Taipei was closed for the day except for the cake shop. (Kudos for their professionalism). So the cake shop delivery man really went out of his way, braved the storm to deliver the cake as instructed.

Well, the security guard who received the cake on my behalf was in the midst of handling some super super "chaotic" situation (oh so he said) and so he shoved the cake into the giant freezer in the basement. And there it remained for the next 2 days.

Of course, I'm clueless about this whole chain of events since its suppose to be a surprise and when they finally remembered enough to get in touch with me, imagine my very very nasty reaction.

My first reaction was to scold the stupid security guard as severely as I could muster. :) But OK LAR, the cake turned out to be all right and since he was really apologetic about it, I made my peace with him.

So, doesn't my birthday cake look just so yummy? In fact, (minus the whipped cream because its just so sinful) it tastes fabulous and I admit to helping myself to a big serving when I return home from a stressful day at work. Nothing like chocolate cake to alleviate work stress for the day. *BURP*


While we are talking about food, let me talk about this awful awful cappuccino ice cream that I bought. It came in a package of 5 sticks.

I mean, check out the packaging...doesn't it look quite so cool? But of all the bad ice creams I've tasted in my life time, this has got be be the worst!!

Wah lau eh...don't know what to do with the remaining few sticks. Hmm..maybe I can offer that security guard downstairs.

Boy, can I nurse a grudge...I'm plain evil...............HAHAHHAHAHA.

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Karen said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you, L'Jamie!
Hope you haven't been workin' too hard again. You must be enjoying lots of yummilious and fantastic foods there in Taipei now.
Best Wishes and Warmest Regards!