Saturday, May 31, 2008

Chinese Eye Test

I'm supposed to be doing some work now (a report actually) which needs to be submitted early next week on Monday. However, I'm not being very efficient at the moment because I'm suffering symptoms of brain slowing down to a crawl. All I feel like doing is to go to bed early but I can't because I haven't finished my work.

Next Tuesday I'll be heading back to Taipei *boohoo*. Not that I don't like Taipei but it just seems that this 2 weeks back in Singapore has gone by so quickly. Despite all my efforts, I still did not get a chance to meet up with all the people that I've been meaning to meet.... Simply ran out of time and energy. Bahhhh!!!

On a lighter note, I thought this "Chinese Eye Test" was too brilliant not to share....

Hint: If you can't make out the words, try pulling the corner of your eyes outwards so it becomes all squinty. :)

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NooBooNooB said...

haha! I dun need to squint my eyes cause it is already squinty! HAHA