Sunday, May 18, 2008

Home Sweet Home.......Bliss

YOOOHOOO...............I'M HOME!!!

I've only been away for 3 months but I admit its nice to be back home. Back in my own room, in my own bed, familiar surroundings and among people that I love and adore. Not to mention the "royal" treatment I get from my mom with home cooked food, ginseng soup, liang-cha and the list goes on. :)

It was real nice to wake up this morning to my mum nagging at me to come down for breakfast and having a sumptious spread on the table when I finally did. All this as compared to starving in Taipei on the weekends because I'm just too lazy to get up and cook and clean. I probably gained 2 kg in my first day home. Hehe.

This trip home is part work part leisure. Although I've got tons of things to do in the office but I've decided to let myself totally relax this weekend. For starters, I'm catching up on my comic book reading. Thank god for a brother to provide an ongoing supply......

I'm re-reading The league of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume I. Its such a great read! Volume II is also sitting on my table.

Some quotes I enjoy from LTEG: -

Quote from the Editor: "..let us not forget the many serious, morally instructive points there are within this narrative: firstly, women are always going on and making a fuss. Secondly, the Chinese are brilliant, but evil. Lastly, laudanum, taken in moderation is good for the eyesight and prevents kidney stones...."

Quote from Campion:" We live in troubled times where fretful dreams settle upon the empire's brow. If England is to survive them, then your work is vital. Be about it vigorously and without delay, for the shadows of the century grow long...."

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