Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Alice in Wonderland - 3D

Watched ¨Alice in Wonderland¨ in 3D last weekend. The ticket cost me NTD 430 (equivalent of SGD $19) which is actually double the price of a regular ticket but since they gave us such cool 3D glasses, deliver popcorns and other sinful tidbits to your seat and erm ...the movie was good... so I guess its an okay way to spend Saturday afternoon.

I love Johnny Depp in these weird characters, don´t you? He plays them so well!! I simply cannot imagine anyone else playing those roles as wonderfully as he did. Minor comment though....for a minute as Mad Hatter was swaggering on the table when he first met Alice, I thought I saw Captain Jack Sparrow in colorful makeup but hell....what is to be expected of crazy swagger-ness on those skinny legs anyway...Those legs are....

Okay, I digress......

I think my brother is into the Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum characters. Its true, they are quite funny....now Iḿ thinking of the letter M.....and so very entertaining.
As for me, though...(and yes, I DO have a favourite and its not the Mad Hatter) my fav character has got to be The Chesire Cat.

 As you probably know, Lewis Carroll published the Alice in Wonderland book in 1875. When I was in UK, a couple of months back, if I recall correctly , the tour guide told us that Lewis Carroll was sitting in his Oxford room and writing Alice in Wonderland one day when he noticed his neighbourś cat on the tree outside his window. The cat looked like he was grinning at him and thus, the story has it that this was what gave birth to the Cheshire cat character.

So the next question you will probably be asking is...why call it Cheshire right? I think it had to do with Cheshire cheese which was made to look like a grinning cat or something like that but I have such a faulty memory so go google it, if you are interested.

Anyway, the Cheshire cat in Tim Burton´s Alice in Wonderland is like neon blue instead of purple (which Iḿ used to). He only plays a small part in the movie as  compared to erm...Mad Hatter or Alice but then again, he has that trademark smile and the ability to poof in and out of tight situations. His signature is that his grin is normally the last to be seen before he totally vanishes!! 

The Cheshire cat is a little philosophical in the movie and definitely mischievous and he does quite like the Mad Hatter´s hat.

As they say....we are all mad here!!

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