Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Amazon Kindle

This is a belated post as I purchased my Kindle some time back in 2009 for Christmas. Its the 2nd eBook reader I've got (the first being a Sony PRS 505). If you are asking me which I prefer, I'm going to say that I love them both!!

Its easy to get free books from the Sony store as compared to the Kindle which charges about USD 3 dollars for the same free books that Sony offers. But on the flip side, Amazon is fully supported in Taiwan which means that you can purchase books or download samples OTA whereas Sony doesn't allow purchases unless u have a US credit card. But something I can't understand is why ebooks cost the same prices as paperbacks. Doesn't it cost more to have to print and deliver books to the end customer?

In terms of functionality though, Kindle, with its inclusive dictionary and speech to text capability, certainly gets the thumbs up for me. I guess that's why its also a little bigger and heavier than the Sony which is much easier to handle for me.

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