Sunday, April 29, 2007

Reality Bites............Run like being chased

Long gone are the days where I said that I will work for free. (Yes, believe it or not, I used to be willing to work for free just for the chance for the opportunity to learn - just like Chris Gardner during his broker internship days at Dean Witter). On good days, I have learned some, on bad days, I've been taken for granted. (Thank goodness, I've been mostly having good days on the major things that matter)

I would clarify that today, I would still be willing to sacrifice certain things for certain opportunities but I definitely approach any situation with much more assessment and caution. In other words, I would like to think that nowadays, I don't rely as much on pure dumb luck as before. (Note: I still like to say that luck is an asset or an "unlearnable" skill like 6th sense/intuition is. Some people have it and some people are just sooooooooo damn unlucky)

So I'm saying this:
Keep your chin up, eyes open: Beware of danger (and I mean you, bro, in mumbai) and look out for opportunities (and I mean all of us...for instance make our money work harder for us for we are not young and healthy forever). Protect yourself, your loved ones, work smart and work damn damn hard. Like my big boss would say: Run like being chased.

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