Sunday, April 15, 2007

Tribute to Dopod 838 Pro

To all who have been calling my phone in the past but could not get me OR we've been disconnected in the middle of a conversation: REJOICE! My company has gotten me a new phone and the blackberry is now DECEASED.

I would like to pay tribute to my dear DOPOD 838 Pro.

Its been less than a month but I really cannot do without my new love. I put everything in contacts, my calender, my task list... EVERYTHING and it automatically syncs to my laptop.

*MUACKS* Beautiful........

Most of all, I've resumed my horrible habit to start emailing people at all times of the day. Its a license to be an absolute nuisance. One word: FANTASTIC.

So far, I've had little/no problems with Windows Mobile 5.0. I've had to do 1-2 times software reset but based on my prior experience with Windows Mobile 2003, this is VERY GOOD and quite a refreshing experience.

The battery life is on the low side but this is also probably because of the number of calls I get on the work day especially when I'm travelling. Just remember to charge your phone every night and you should be OK.

In fact, sometimes, I get lazy and head to bed but I know the phone won't last me through the next day so I force myself out of bed to charge my phone and VOILA! check my mails and work some more. :) Checking attachments are also a breeze as compared to the blackberry days. With all the nifty quick buttons, getting used to the phone is child's play.

So I would recommend this phone: 4.8 out of 5 until the next power-power phone comes along.

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