Monday, May 21, 2007

Tudors : Henry VIII and the mysterious WC

What a relaxing weekend.....Just chilled, did what I like and had alot of sleep.....My sinus problem started clearing up on Friday morning and was all better by saturday (my paper ended on thursday afternoon). My friend Jo said,"The mind blocks stress out but the body never lies.." :) Interesting...

Anyway, its Sunday evening, had late dinner so I'm just surfing online, allowing my food to digest abit. I chanced upon a website on the Tudors which I found very interesting:

Its states that its an interactive site for 7-10 years old about Henry VIII and the Tudors.....It might be for 7-10 years old but there were many many things that I learnt from the got me hooked for a while....

Particularly interesting, check out the wives page. :P

Something very relevant I learnt from the website though -> During my travels, I notice many people asking where the WC is....(which many us of knows automatically it refers to the public toilets/bathrooms). But when I've asked these people if they knew what WC really meant, they couldn't tell me. Like seriously, not even ONE person could tell me what wc was. Like me, we just took it for granted that WC = toilet.

Well, I finally cracked this mystery today from the Tudors website...W.C = Water Closet ;p
The things that we learn everyday. :P

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