Monday, May 28, 2007

Water Spout spotted in Sunny Singapore

Okay, if you live in Singapore, you would find the landscape in the following photos very familiar. Yes, its a picture overlooking at our world class port and hold on a moment....what's that scary thing in the background.....The following pictures are not hoax, or doctored....

The above that you see are water spouts.
Water spouts are rotating columns of air similar in appearance to that of the tornado. They develop over warm ocean currents during unstable conditions or as cold front boundaries pass over the ocean. These are not very dangerous but can affect boats and yachts. Because they are over the ocean, they do not pick up debri but water spray is observed at the base.
Water spouts can develop over the ocean and move over the land. They are then called tornadoes. It is here where water spouts can be dangerous and has caused extensive damage to trees and buildings as well as over turn caravans in coastal communities. Once on the land, they dissipate fairly quickly. On the ocean however, they can last much longer.
Sometimes, tornadoes form over the land and pass over a lake or the ocean. These are then called water spouts despite the difference in the formation processes and dynamics.

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