Monday, August 09, 2010

Standard lunch/dinner in Hong Kong - Roasted Meat

I was staying on Queen's Road West over the weekend. It is on the west side of Hong Kong island which (I know this because Isa forced me to look at her precious map upon moving into her place) is a stone's throw away from Central (aka the hustle bustle of IFC mall, Lan Kwai Fong and so on).

Queen's Road West is famous for its many Teochew restaurants. When dusk falls, you will find many nice cars parked along the roads and the restaurants full of people. Day time, however, with banks, cafes and a small wet market nearby, you can also be guaranteed with lots of activities and things to see. 

Perpendicular to Queen's Road West is Possession Street. The name, I find rather amusing, is NOT a direct translation of the chinese name. The chinese name directly translated is, erm..... Water Hole street. I guess that's why they had to change the name??? But what I don't get is why call it Possession street? Is it because nearby there is a street full of funeral parlors? Haha, okay, not funny.

Within an hour of moving into Isa's place, I couldn't resist popping into one of the Hong Kong stalls selling roasted meat. (This is after I had a heavy late lunch and was at her place less than 2 hours later). The meal cost only 36 HKD and comes with a large bowl of salted vegetable soup. Totally enjoyable.

No wonder HK is known to be the land of eating and drinking.

Where I stayed over the weekend (west side of HK island)
Typical Hong Kong stall on Possession Street selling roast meats
Inside the stall - Many people getting take away
My lunch/dinner - Roast Pork, Char Siew, Roast Duck  plus a salted egg
Salted Vegetable Soup - On the house

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