Thursday, August 05, 2010

Supper in Hong Kong

Day One in Hong Kong and I couldn't resist going out for supper with Isa. Met her at IFC and we walked over to one of the cafes at Jubilee Street. I've been to Hong Kong so many times before but I have to admit that every single time I'm here, it feels quite exciting as the city is just soooo "ALIVE!!". Love the food and love the hustle bustle!!! (Disclaimer: I'm not as excited as some people I know about being in Hong Kong, aka THE Hong Kong crazies, who rave about Hong Kong almost as if its the best place in the world. My excitement is very much moderate in comparison. :P)

Taken from the window in the cafe.

You can see the reflection of the cafe's lights from the glass. I was totally lazy to stand up and take a proper picture but I had a damn good view of some superbly nice cars parked next to that shoddy looking building. Porsche, BMWs and the likes....Really nice cars with damn interesting license plates. I remember once I saw a license plate on a car that was "2 FAST" . Hehe....Rich people....I thought it was hilarious!

Okay, now to the food.....

Pork Bun with condensed milk
Dish Number 1: Wanted something sweet and was conflicted between getting Buo Luo Bao (Pineapple bun with a slab of button) and this Pork bun with condensed milk. Both are equally sinful. I know!! In the end, I decided to try "something new" and ordered the latter. I didn't exactly know why it was called Pork bun. There was nothing porkish about it I commented..... Isa suggested that it was probably baked using pork lard or something. Ewwwwww...... Disgusting as it sounds (I mean Isa's theory), it was super yummelicious. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. 

"Swiss" style chicken wings

Dish Number 2: This dish is introduced as "Swiss" styled chicken wings. Swiss style chicken wings??? Come on! The chicken wings were cooked in dark soy sauce. Exactly like the type that you can get in Singapore. Its very very chinese style, I mean, do they even have dark soy sauce in Switzerland??? Even though  I knew it would have been better if I removed the chicken skin, I admit that it was not really what happened in the end. I ate everything ....but the bones...(almost wanted to chomp down the bones though. ) 

Dumpling in soup
THE only healthy choice: This is Isa's clubbing comfort food (and definitely the most healthy dish I've had since I got here). She tells me that she goes to the cafe's 24 hour branch for supper after clubbing and almost always orders this dish. It was quite wholesome....I think it had spinach fillings or something like that.

Note: Some pictures were taken with the TZ-10's food mode. Isa swears that it is all about choosing the right mode which makes all the difference. To be honest, I have always used the camera's Intelligent mode and just let the software decide. After staring hard at the picture, I still couldn't tell that much of a difference but anyway, I have never been one who is perceptive about such things so oh well....she is probably right.  :D 

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