Monday, January 02, 2012

2012 - My Reading List and other plans

This year I've decided to limit the number of books that I read for the year to a grand number *drum rolls* of FIFTEEN. 

The problem is not that I don't read enough but rather I tend to get too carried away and then find myself  spending ALL my time reading some novel when I should be doing a whole lot of other things. 

Considering that I only have 11 months to renew my PMP certificate (among a rather long list of new year resolutions), I really need to start getting more discipline into my reading habits.

Alas! Barely 26 hours into the new year and I have already planned out the next 3 books to read starting with...... 


P/s: I fully intend to read this book with an open mind. I believe our respected leader has got something to say to us so LISTEN UP!!

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