Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The "AM I SICK" Checklist

  1. Sore throat.....CHECKED
  2. Cough.....CHECKED
  3. Phlegm.... CHECKED
  4. Sneezing Fits.....CHECKED
  5. Running Nose....CHECKED
  6. Headache.....CHECKED
Guess I score pretty high on this test, huh!!!

I haven't been to the doctors yet. Was kinda hoping that the "off-the shelf" medication from Watsons will just do the trick but as I watch myself going from bad to worse, I guess I have no choice but to officially elevate my status from "I'M NOT SICK" denial stage to "OMG....DO YOU THINK I HAVE AVIAN FLU" hysterical panic stage.


Well, as always, with nothing much better to do then sniffle, moan and groan, I decided to park myself on twitter to share my misery with the world. Just as I was kinda doing my thing....a friend shouted back: "A LOT OF PEOPLE FALLING SICK!!!" 

I don't know how to say this but I instantly felt kinda joyous. Let me do some internal soul searching for the sudden burst of joy. Hmmmmm.....Let's see......

For starters, for some strange obscure reason, it just felt good to have someone confirm that I am actually sick. I'm not sure why I needed anyone to tell me that but I guess I did feel a little relieved to hear it. I'm insane...I know.  And secondly, the always rather evil side of me was kinda happy to know that if I'm feeling this sick, there is definitely ONE OF YOU out there who is feeling as miserable as I am feeling. YAY!! We are the let's go out to infect MORE PEOPLE......hahahahaha...

For all you healthy, beautiful people out there, see you soon huh!! 


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