Saturday, May 26, 2012

Weekend Project - Standing Desk

I've recently been contemplating about the whole concept of working at a standing desk. 

In fact, for the past week or so, whenever I had to read documents at work, I would make myself stand near the filing cabinet or at the pantry to read. I have an awfully nice pantry at the work place with a fantastic view...the filing cabinet though has got the perfect height.

My endeavours have received its fair share of stares and quirky comments from my colleagues who were curious about why I didn't want to sit in a perfectly nice chair to do my work. The only time I was made to stand in the past was as punishment for not bringing my textbook or completing my homework in Primary school.

A few of them got it when I explained about the concept that humans aren't meant to be sitting on their asses 8 hours a day but I figure that most of them might have concluded that I have finally lost my mind and politely walked away. 

In my defence, I guess the whole concept of standing and working have not quite got on in Asia although I'm not closed to the idea that I might have been an annoying distraction shifting from foot to foot and ultimately looking like the floor supervisor lording over my minions.  (just kidding). 

At the end of my one week experiment, I found that I was able to focus much better when reading long boring legal documents and further research on the internet convinced me that I should persist on.  

After a bit more research last night, I finally decided to bite the bullet and convert my home's work table into a standing desk. The final push to this decision were some articles that suggested that I could "hack" my way into a relatively cheap solution of a standing desk before deciding if this was something that I wanted to commit myself to.  

After a couple of hours of hard work (and alot of perspiration on a hot Saturday afternoon), Jamie's version of the standing desk is completed. (aka: the poor man's standing desk)


Jamie's version of the standing desk (the cheap way)

Everything that you see in the picture that was used to convert my current table to a standing desk was abducted from some corner of the house, mostly forgotten and collecting dust, but now playing an important part on my road towards healthy living. 

I must not forget to thank my mum for being extremely supportive after I explained my intentions to her. She firstly gave me permission to scavenge the house for materials which I could put together to achieve the appropriate height and also gave me suggestions on how to put everything together. (Thank you mum! You are the best). 

As a result, total investment cost for my standing desk: $0!


I found the following articles extremely helpful when making my final decision to work at a standing desk. Enjoy!

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