Saturday, November 11, 2006

Persistent headache, TODAY and Prison Break

First scene
It’s a dark and empty room except for a wooden chair right in the middle. A spotlight shines on that chair, a girl is sitting there with her hands on her head. She looks up and notices that she has company. She says:

Let me introduce you to my new best friend, (you probably already know him) his name is called * drum rolls* Mr Headache

My dear friend Mr Headache has paid me a visit and has been continuously by my side for 2 and half days and counting. He endearingly keeps me awake when I try to go to sleep and kisses me good morning when I wake up. His constant reminder that I’m not alone and that he is always by my side is heart felt.

At this point, 2 backstage persons appear. One with a drum in her hands and the other with 2 dustbin tin can lids (What the hell am I thinking?!) They stand slightly behind the girl. Backstage person 1 with the dustbin tin can lids starts clanging. Backstage person 2 decides:"What the heck" and starts drumming on the girl's head. Despaired, the girl puts her head back in her hands. Life with mr headache…..

(As of this writing, I’ve slept almost 15 hours on a Saturday and Mr Headache appears to have gone off visiting someone else. 3 Cheers…hip hip hooray!)

*screen fades*

Second scene
Sitting in front of her study table, Jamie is multi-tasking. Reading the newspaper and having a nice chat over MSN with her friend, Feifei. It has been raining all Saturday afternoon and the air has cooled a considerable bit. There is music playing in the background and a Todayon her lap.

Jamie says: “Hello FF, How are the deers?”
(Note: Feifei is currently working in AT&T research lab in USA. The research lab is surrounded by trees and wild deers)

FF replies: “Hello. Haha, they are all right, they come out at night” *or something to that effect*

Jamie says: “ Don’t work too late, if not the deers will come out and say: “Hellow Fei fei”

FF replies: “ Hehe…Hey, don’t scare me…..”

Jamie’s attention is distracted to an article that she is reading. Its entitled “Walking Tall” and is an article written by Neil Humphreys. I like Neil Humphreys…his article always makes me laugh.

For more information, please refer to the following article:
Neil Humphrey’s Walking Tall.

Quoted from the newspaper: “Its worth repeating that TODAY is the only newspaper not controlled by the Singapore Press Holdings to survive and thrive. What you’re reading right now represents an alternative of sorts and Singaporean consumers must cherish alternatives.”

Support TODAY today. .....3 Cheers.....

*screen fades*

Third Scene

Oh! I’m hooked. I’m so much in love with the hit series by FOX: Prison Break. It’s a thriller….very exciting and has very very very erm..interesting cast.
Its a story about 2 brothers: Lincoln Burrows (middle guy) is accused of killing the Vice President's brother and has been sentenced to death penalty. The problem is he didn't commit the crime! But no body really believes him except for his young, talented, handsome brother (who happens to be a genius by the way) Michael Scolfield.

Michael Scolfied is a structural engineer who happens to have worked on (and thus have access to the blueprints) the prison where the brother is currently held! Initially, he tried all sorts of legal ways to help his brother but it was (of course) not successful. Finally, he decided to take things in his own hands. He plans meticulously for several months and then arranges for himself to be arrested (by attempting to rob a bank) and locked up in the same prison as his brother. The story unfolds......

My god, c'mon look at him, is he handsome or what.....his look is so…………INTENSE! *melts melts*.

P/s: Jomin agrees that INTENSE is the right word to use. Haha.

A little bit about Wentworth Miller:
Born in United Kingdom, raised in Brooklyn, New York, and a graduate of Princeton University in English Literature. Wentworth Miller can be seen in:
a) Buffy the Vampire Slayer (guest star)
b) ER(guest star)
c) Popular(guest star)
d) Dinotopia
e) The Human Stain (this I need to watch)
f) Underworld
g) Joan of Arcadia (guest star)
h) Ghost Whisperer (guest star)

This is a picture from Prisonbreak. You might be wondering what's up with all the tattoos right?

Okay, let me give you a little insight: Well, Michael Scolfield ends up in prison as an inmate right? So he can't bring anything in with him. Therfore, he gets the prison's blue prints and any other necessary information tattooed on his body (encrypted nonetheless).

Jomin said he would look alot better with a nicer body but I think. Okay lah! Good enough. :)

Therefore, if you ever get a chance, get Season One of Prison break. I promise you that you will be absolutely hooked by the 3rd episode.

Here is the official website for Prisonbreak: Fox – Prison Break

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