Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Golden Pig New Year!

Today was Day 1 of Chinese New Year. It wasssssssssssss.....Fun-tastic!!

The house was so lively with my little cousins galore. My mum is the eldest in her family so her siblings came in the morning to "salute" her and of course, everyone stayed for vegetarian lunch because its such a killer meal even though its ALLL vegetarian. My little cousin Cheyanne was wearing a korean dress and much to the amusement of everyone present, she performed a korean bow that she learnt from the "DA CHANG JIN" drama serial. And Jerome who was so handsome in his outfit performed his "practise kung fu" and piano song. Note: Jerome is the sweetest boy with the shyest smile. I'll try to paste some pictures later on.

The cutest was, of course, my baby niece Vera. Everyone was oooh-ing and aaah-ing away and Vera was such a sport- just smiling and smiling away. She was wearing a silk suit that I bought from her in Shanghai (very expensive ok!) and this nice socks that my mum bought from another part in China...and this cute red pin on her head.

Here is 3 month old Vera, the center of all the attention. The little cutey.

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