Sunday, February 04, 2007

OLE OLE OLE....Singapore is ASEAN CUP 2007 champions!!

I don't like soccer much....
But the patriotic me was glued to the telly when the Asean Cup was playing.. Singapore versus Thailand. There were 2 matches played.
On 31st Jan, the first game was played in the Singapore National Stadium. The score was initially tied at 1-1 and at second half the MALAYSIAN referee called for a penalty against the Thais near the goal post. The unhappy Thais walked off the pitch in protest and had to be persuaded to return to the field. Despite the chaos, the referee stuck his grounds and Singapore scored a penalty shot by Mustafic Fahrudin ending the game at 2-1.
On 4th Feb, the second game was played in Bangkok and although Singapore managed a goal in the first half, it was declared offside and void. The Thais were leading 1-0 towards the second half. 8 mins to the end of the game, Amir from Singapore scored a one-man show superb goal, crowning Singapore as the 2007 Asean Cup champions.

Ole Ole Ole...Ole....Ole.....

Singapore is 2007 Asean Cup Champions!!

I still don't like soccer much..................and actually I'll admit that I think that the Lions were super "heng" (lucky) this time round. As far as I could see, the Thai team was the stronger team. But never mind, "heng" is also a skill by itself. :)

However, granted that the Thais, for many various reasons, were really hungry for the championship, I still think they could have behaved better on the pitch.

All in all, the end result is that the Lions are crowned re-champions for Asean cup 2007.


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