Sunday, February 11, 2007

Packing packing...cough cough

Chinese new year!!!! I have never been happier to hear that CNY is just around the corner.

When I was younger, I would fret about buying new clothes - trying not to look a freak in those RED RED RED RED "Hongbao" clothes (you see, the Mother would nag every year: Girl ah!! No black, gray, white, blue coloured clothes.. its CHINESE NEW think somebody just died and u are in mourning no no just choose RED colour, you won't go wrong. Trust would be lucky for you this year).

I also associated CNY with naggy relatives, helping my parents out like a slave/maid during their many house parties-playing the part of the good dutiful daughter. As you can clearly see, I'm a "happy-family" humbug.

But this year....its soooooooooooo different! I'm looking forward to CNY:
1) 4 days of public holiday
2) Lotsa yummy food to eat
3) Extending extra 4 days of vacation in Malaysia
4) A surprise party in store...

I'm so excited I actually bought my CNY clothes 2 weeks before the actual date. Its fantastic...and its going to be this weekend....happiness...............

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Karen & Michele said...

Heya Little Jamie! :P
It's okay that we are unable to meet up today for coffee & catching up.We'll do it another time when you aren't so choked by your work! We are leaving for our trip this Wednesday, so in case we don't 'see' each other on msn these next days, here's wishing you "Gong-Xi-Fa-Cai", have a joyous wonderful and fantabulous CNY celebrations at home and in Malaysia!
Take Care!