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The Last Templar by Raymound Khoury

In 2003/2004, I had the impression that Dan Brown's Da Vinci code took the literary world by storm and started the religion conspirarcy-theory ball rolling. Everywhere I went and every flight I took I'd see at least one person (regardless of nationality) holding onto a copy of that book. I've read that book twice myself and heard countless Christians tell me that the book is blasphemous. Its an enjoyable read nonetheless. :)

Recently I've finished another book written on the same premise - That the Roman church is trying to cover the true story of Jesus Christ. I would highly recommend it as a fascinating read except that the ending was a little disappointing to me. But due to the highly controversial nature of its content, I find that not surprising.

Veritas Vos Liberabit - the truth will set you free. (Latin)

The Last Templar starts off with the fall of the Knights Templar in 1291 - Acre (Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem). Interspaced with events occuring in the era we live in today (21st century), it explores the rise and fall of the Knights Templar.

According to the book, in 1118, The First Crusade is over and the Holy Land is back in Christian hands. Baldwin II is the King of Jerusalem , people across Europe are jubilant and pilgrims are flocking to Jerusalem. Unknown to them, the crusading knights have considered their vows fulfilled and went back to their homes in Europe with their plundered riches. The area is precariously surrounded by hostile Islamic states and the Turks and Muslims, who have lost much of their lands to to the Christian armies, wern't about to forgive and forget.Many pilgrims were killed on the dangerous roads between port city of Jaff (coast of Palestine) and the holy city of Jerusalem.

Nine pious knights led by Hughes de Payens arrived at Baldwin's palace and offered their humble services. They announced that they had taken the 3 solemn vows of chastity, poverty and obedience and had added a fourth: a perpetual vow to protect the pilgrims on their journey from the coast to the city. King Baldwin was impressed and gave them quarters in the eastern part of his palace, which stood on the site once occupied by King Solomon's Temple. They had become known as The Order of the Poor Knights of Chris and the Temple of Solomon, more simply the Knights Templar. (The Temple of Solomon has an interesting history on its own).

What is interesting is that the Knights then ended up spending 9 years locked up in the Temple of Solomon.............digging.......and they found a treasure so magnificient that would result in their eventual doom on Friday the 13th. Was it gold? Was it proof that Jesus had fathered a child with Mary Magdalene. The book keeps you hooked and the suspense is well worth the wait as it turns out to be none of the above and instead brings into a picture another very interesting possibility. (I'm certainly not going to spoil it for you here so find it out yourself!)

This book is a touch and go on the Jesus bloodline, the Gnostics, the Gospel, the Bible, history of how the concept of our modern financial institutions (banks) came about, a little something of everything to spark your interest to read more.

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