Sunday, March 04, 2007

Family......Goodbye Gua-gong!

My grandfather had an acute heart attack and passed away on March 1st at 4.10am. He was 73 years old. I remember him as the "kung-fu" master always teaching me ways to protect myself and telling me that I need to take care of myself when I'm travelling.

My grandfather is a traditional chinese man. As master of the house, he always seemed very stern and would keep to himself. However, a few months ago, after my grandmother suffered a mild stroke, the family members grew closer and he started making greater efforts to share his thoughts and feelings to his family. Yet, now ...............

Many people came to the funeral and I learnt that he was a very well-loved and respected man. It was obvious that he was the one that people came to when they were troubled and he never failed to do his best to help out. Everyone had great difficulty accepting the harsh reality that he is gone because he had always been a very fit and healthy man.

Working together for the funeral service, the family grew closer. Even my 6 year old cousin, Nicia, played her part. We all took turns to collect donations, ensure that the incense is always lit, burn sacrifical tokens, talk to the visitors and watching the funeral site on a 24 hour basis. Most of us feel very tired and some are on the verge of falling sick but all of us still try our best and push on. I must say that it is during this period of time, that we have all stepped back from our daily lives and really started to communicate with each other. Within these few days, I haven gotten to see my relatives in a different light.

Last night, a few of us were doing the "night shift", watching the place till wee hours of the morning. (Before my uncles took over in the next shift). Most of us were so tired but we all jumped up at 4am when we heard shouts of a robbery. My uncles and brother rushed out to see if they could help. Jean called the police and they came shortly but were unable to find anything. After that excitement, most of us had less difficulty to keep awake and started chatting and exchanging interesting stories and experiences.....(I must have overtired myself because I'm down with a slight flu and very bad sore throat and they've sent me home to rest)

Personally, I've learnt alot from this unfortunate incident and am also very touched by the people who came to the wake to pay their respects. It really helped the family members who have suffered such a loss by giving that much additional support. I am also especially touched by my colleagues who pooled together to make donations (some of whom I hardly even talk to) and arranging for the office to send a wreath to my grandpa's funeral. (Special thanks to Glenn).

I have been reminded that life is short and that we need to make use of whatever time we have to let the people around us know that we treasure them and love them before it is too late.

Gua-gong, we will miss you.

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cathy said...

sorry, didnt know till now. hope you're ok. my condolence to you and family.