Thursday, March 01, 2007

Passed my Jap Exam..........

Something came in the post today.....*drum rolls* its my score report for my JLPT which stands for japanese language proficiency test.

Jamie's JLPT Score Report
Writing Vocab: (95/100) <- ABit disappointed because I thought I ACED it
Listening: (76/100) <- Super happy because I thought I had FAILED this paper. I couldn't hear what the damn radio was playing from the end of the room. (was sitting way at the back and on the side) hehe...that's an excuse, my listening is really damn kurang MAXIMUM so I know I got to work on that. So happy so happy i Passed.
Reading Grammar (170/200) <-K lah, couldn't remember the essay anymore.

So GRAND TOTAL IS 341/400.
That means PASSED! PASSED! PASSED! 合格! 合格! 合格!
Okay lar...considering the amount of effort I put in for my Jap paper....VELLIE GOOD ALREADY THAT I CAN PASS LOR!

So I should still be going for the next paper at the end of this year. Hope I can still be so lucky. *fingers crossed* Need to improve on my listening tho...its really baddddddddddddd - a fine excuse to watch more japanese drama serial *drroooolsss*. hehe.

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