Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Frustrating day at work - grumbles from a Lady MisJustice

Had a pretty frustrating day at work today. Really hate it when people make arguments NOT based on facts. Really hate it when things are pretty obvious but due to all sorts of reasons, people choose not to act on it. SURE, we can grit our teeth and work like hell for the superficial make a shitty situation less shitty but we can never expect to solve the issue if we don't address the root cause. Crap is still crap. And I won't deny it any more. Simply put, look, if I write an email to *you* and *you* don't make any comments on it, don't blame me if I don't know what is on *your* mind. I'm not a mind-reader and most importantly, not *your* mind reader. Now I understand why people tell me they can't work with *you*, I know I can't.

The world would be alot easier if everyone work together as one to make the world a better know, no hidden agenda. If people would just listen to one another. But of course, I know this will never happen, can never happen. Its only idealistic thoughts and wishful thinking. I only need to read the newspaper to know that I'm not alone with such troubles. The world is full of "complications".

On a lighter note, without really bad days...we cannot fully appreciate the good ones. Without difficult situations like this, we will never learn to become stronger persons. I will survive whatever it may be and because my conscience is clear, *you* may think what *you* will of me. I'm not bending backwards anymore.

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