Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Bless my wrinkly toes - Cross Stitching and more hours of sleep

Well, by the looks of it, I'm certainly getting to be quite the old lady....Bless my wrinkly toes.

For starters, I'm starting to sleep earlier (except for tonight because it is already 1.30am and I should be in bed by 1230am)- I just had enough of everybody telling me that I'm heading to "doomsland" by not getting enough sleep and acting all cranky every day.
Second tell-tale sign is that *gasps* horrors!! my latest craze/hobby is * drum rolls* C.R.O.S.S.S.T.I.T.C.H.I.N.G!

Before you roll on the floor and die from laughter, I'm going to share the story about my cross stitching saga. It starts out like this:

One day, my colleague (and also very nice friend) was telling me that I need to become more patient :). She was reflecting that when she was younger, she was alot like me and yes, we are quite the "pain-in-the-arse" perfectionist. Haha!

Anyway, she told me that I should try to relax a little, work less, have a more moderate life, yada yada. She then suggested that I pick up cross stitching because it might calm me down a little and I could learn to be more patient. I thought to myself:"Oh well, sounds like an interesting idea but aw man.....the cow will jump over the moon before I'll pick up the needle to start cross stitching JUST FOR FUN. *I'm saying this because fully knowing my own character, I would probably tear and burn the cross stitch in frustration if I don't get it right the first time *

So anyway, last Sunday, after attending Jason's graduation from bible school (and also attending the entire service at city harvest. @@) at expo 8, Mak and I headed down to Shislik, a russian restaurant at far east plaza. (Its the first time that I knew there is a difference between far east plaza and far east shopping center. So confusing!!)

By the time we got there, the restaurant was having its last orders and so we had a quick glance at the menu and ordered away. So hungry!! We had a dozen escargots (not say fantastic), steaks, soup and for desert cherry jubilee (which the waitress would prepare in front of the guests, so yummelicious).

After our lunch, we wanted to head to borders but it was raining quite heavily (And yes, Mak - if I should one day ever so run out of jobs, I can work as the weather lady). We wandered around far east plaza and then we saw this cross stitch shop! Amazing!! I don't think I ever went into a cross stitch shop before. We had a nice chat with the store lady - Betty, who is a 50 year old lady and she was so kind and patient in giving us our first FREE lesson in cross stitch. Bless the lady!

Since Mak and I were having so much difficulty deciding what christmas presents to buy each other, we made a pact and decided to each choose a design and so we are going to finish the cross stitch and exchange as christmas presents. THERE! No need to crack our brains to buy x'mas presents for each other this year.

You won't believe it but I'm HOOKED! Cross stitching is so much fun. Everything has its place. If life could only be this simple.....Anyway, I'm already thinking up of new things to stitch..........STITCH STITCH STITCH. STITCH AWAY.

Okay, time for bed.


Cathy said...

ahh.. my far insights..
there is a good explanation for calling you 'stitch'..
gosh! my blog. you're stitching. not that far away from knitting. and you have a dog..
haha!! *grins*

Nana's Kids said...

Welcome to a world of creatitive wonder. Please remember this piece of advice from one anal retentive to another....no one will ever know where the mistakes are but you. It took many years, a lot of frustration, a lot of tearing out, and a very sweet little lady to drive that into my head.

Cross Stitching has become my form of painting on material..even if it is paint by numbers and symbols. I hope you enjoy many years of relaxing, fun and beutiful needlework.