Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Free Car Wash Today

I had a free car wash today. Actually, my car had to endure heavy “scrubbing” since last night as it kept raining, raining and yes….more raining.
It was really nice to go to bed last night to hear the pitter-patter but really a horrid experience to wake up this morning because it was still pitter-patter and how I wish I could sink into bed and let the world forget me for just one day.

Hooray!!! Today I’m going to watch Crazy horse….Yes, all of Singapore, I admit, I have yet to go to watch Crazy horse (despite the hype that has come and gone). I’m so looking forward to it as I’ve heard so much about it.

Note: Actually, this old lady with the wrinkly toes (i.e. ME) also have not had a chance to visit the Ministry of Sound for that matter. *blush deeply*. I need a walking stick soon.

P/s: On days like this, I super duper love my Honda Edix MORE MORE MORE.

Showcasing my car..........imagine it in Black tho.

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