Saturday, December 02, 2006

Trapped in Shanghai Pudong Airport...thank goodness for krisflyer elite gold

Legs stretched out and propped up against one of the trolleys, I’m in Pudong International Airport, Shanghai. The flight back home to Singapore has been delayed and it seems that the revised estimated departure time is expected to be 2 and half hours later! Thank goodness for krisflyer elite gold perks, at least I get to sit rather decently in the lounge. Otherwise, I know that I can feel a lot nastier if I were sitting outside(probably on the floor since it is a full flight and everyone is waiting impatiently at the gate). If I had known the flight was going to be delayed, I would have gone for at least an hour's body massage just now.

So I haven’t been updating my blog for almost 2 weeks now. I’ve even had a couple of friends asking if I had given up (once again :P) blogging but nah, if you are reading this as you can see, I haven’t given up blogging, it is just that it has been a pretty rough 2 weeks for me.

Yes, you are 100% right, totally work related. I’ve recently been embroiled in some office “rearrangement” and it is not a pretty sight. In fact, it got so bad that at one point I thought…hey I want OUT of this whole thing!! In fact, in a fit of anger, stress and disappointment, I wrote my letter of resignation and sent it out.

If I were to conclude on the entire episode, I would just say that the whole thing was just bad timing. Almost everyone I knew was unhappy with the situation for some time, but everyone tried to keep it under wraps and manage it in their own way but when someone finally snapped, the others followed and like some chain reaction, the dominoes came falling down.

Do I regret my decision? I don’t. I figured that if things remained status quo, I would have left anyway. Life is too short and we shouldn’t spend time doing things that we don’t find worth it.

For me, it was very easy to look at the situation in a simplified way. I wasn’t very happy with the current arrangements and tried to highlight this to my boss…once, twice and then three times but received no reciprocation. I finally made the decision to escalate and certainly I never meant for anyone to get hurt but sometimes when you try to do the right thing, I think that happens. Deep down inside, I just wanted to do a whole lot more but ended up getting very frustrated. The worst part is that I think it is hard to do it to someone you like very much but then again the situation was just too painful to ignore.

So a couple of things that I learnt from my colleagues this week:
a) Do the right thing and ensure your conscience is clear at all times.
b) After you made a decision, look forward and don’t look backward.
c) Just do the work. One thing at a time!
d) Respect other people’s time as you would hope others to respect yours.

Thank goodness for the people who love and support me. I’m sure that without them, I would never have come this far. Bottom line, I’m blessed.

P/s: I still have my job and I'm going to look forward from here onwards.

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