Saturday, December 02, 2006

Home sweet home and some good news

When I was boarding the plane yesterday, I learnt from this tall and slim (but very scary looking) model-like lady (she had long black hair and some parts were tinted blue and she looked like she had just stepped out of a sci-fi movie) that the the reason the flight was delayed was because the airspace around Shanghai was closed due to military exercise. One look at the electronic board and all the flights were labelled delayed delayed delayed! Quite an experience how unlike Beijing! (in a veryyyy sacarstic know how I feel about BJ airport)

My immediate thoughts was Taiwan and Mr Chen Shui Bian. :)

Reflection on politics on an increasing scale:
Family - Annoy a family member and you might not be able to have dinner!
Company - Annoy some one up there and you might lose your job!
Country - Annoy the government and have missiles pointed at your country and oh yes! no direct flights.

Enough said!

So I got home, struggled like crazy to keep my eyes open while I washed and cleaned up and then fall asleep on the coach. Didn't know how I ended up on the bed and slept till noon today. I could have slept more if I didn't have to be the chauffeaur and if I didn't have to study for my Japanese paper tomorrow. :P As you can see, I haven't started studying yet.

Good news, I got my LOMA paper results.
LOMA 280: Passed, score 100
LOMA 290: Passed, score 100

Don't ask me how I did it. I don't know.....

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