Wednesday, December 20, 2006

MTV Punk'd and Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde in THE OC

I was watching MTV Punk'd the other day. And guess who I saw on telly....Olivia Wilde! I saw her briefly on one of the episodes of The OC and I would say that she left an impression. In the show, she really gave out the cool rocker girl vibes. Abit like Angelina Jolie - a little.... in your face attitude. Anyway, I thought she was very nice in that episode.

So anyway, back to MTV Punk'd, Olivia Wilde was suppose to get punk'd on that episode and my god...she was SO COOL about the whole thing. I mean if you saw the episodes starring Justin Timberlake and that Frodo dude from LODR, you would slap your forehead. Like LOSER..............
But....Olivia Wilde.....had none of that... she was clearly in control of the situation and while trying to make sense of the entire situation, she had just pure "coolness" pouring out of her pores. She actually was quite amused by the whole situation but at one part she got a little annoyed when the fake policeman was trying to attack her friend. It was very nice of her to protect her friend during their "close brush with the law".
When she finally knew that the whole thing was a hoax, she took it very good naturedly too. *clap clap clap* So I did a bit of surfing and since I'm such a nice person and share.

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