Thursday, October 12, 2006

Back in the blogging business

Ta-da! Back back back....

I'm back online and trying this blogging thing one more time. This is like the THIRD time I'm setting up a blog site. The previous 2 became defunct after a loooooooooooongggg time of not accessing it. I'm thinking....if my OWN FATHER can set up a blog site which he religiously maintains, surely surely surely, it is not so damn hard to do one myself. Oh, I do write journals but I can hardly read my own handwriting so.....blogging is not such a bad idea.
My dear friends and brother who visited my previous blog site and it has not changed in eons. Muahahahah... This is the new one. I can't seem to access those sites anymore.

Well, what should I blog about? Don't know. But I know what I should NOT blog about.

I should NOT blog about (I made such a firm resolution not to blog about...) work. This is after attending a very scary e-compliance online training course conducted by THE company and it got me so scared that I decided to watch my back after every 3 sentences that I type.
Moral of the story for the e-compliance course:
a) Beware of what you write in email - they are company property and can be used against you.

b) Beware of what you use from the internet - you might infringe copyright
c) Beware of what you say - Check your facts at all time.
d) Beware of what you do - It may offend the people around you.

Beware beware beware!

Therefore, I made this firm resolution that I will not blog about work. However however, since my life revolves around work, I really wonder what else I can blog about. :P

Okay, I will blog about anything under the sun except work. I will try.....

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