Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Selamat Hari Raya! I'm suffering..........

Today is a public holiday in Singapore - Hari Raya Aidilfitri (more popularly know) as Hari Raya Puasa. Hari Raya (means Day of Celebration) marks the end of the Ramadhan, the holy month of fasting. During this month of fasting, Muslims are required to abstain from basic needs and urges :) between sunrise and sunset. If I had to fast, I would be OVERJOYED when this day came about. I would be ECSTATIC. But I'm not muslim so I need to worry about my weight because no no no absolutely NO FASTING. Minor dieting is still OK :P

Last night, I was studying for my FLMI papers. Dumping as much information as I could for LOMA 280-Principles of Insurance: Life, Health and Annuitites, I gave up at 3.30am. (My stamina is at rock bottom but if there is any consolation, I have to work the entire day too, you know!!).

So this morning, it wasn't a day of celebration for me. I woke up and had 2 conference calls before I finally managed to settle at my study table for another cramming session. Did 2-3 hour solid cramming before I had information overload and decide to have a short nap. LAZY!! (My "pia" stamina is really .......... but I did get a bit bit of "feeling" for my university days where I was ALWAYS cramming 2 weeks before the paper).

My first 2 papers are on November 6 and 7. HORRORS!!!! The problem is that I'm on business trips from next week onwards and probably won't have time to study and this week is PACKED to the maximum with meetings and documents to read in the office. I still have another THICK THICK BOOK TO GO for LOMA 290: Insurance Company Operations. ARRGHHHHHHHH!

But never mind, let's think on the bright side and the sense of satisfaction I will get if I manage to get this done..........*happy thoughts happy thoughts*

Okay, I just decided that I will cancel all lunch appointments (Sorry warren) so that I can study during lunch time. The only appointment I won't cancel is the Vegetarian dinner to celebrate Meilin's birthday tomorrow. Yes, I must also cancel my movie appointments....................

Life will be the pits until my last paper in December. Sorry penguin and all my friends.

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