Tuesday, October 17, 2006


DUDE, PIMP MY RIDE => All day long that damn phrase was stuck in my head, like the chorus of an irritating song that won't go away.
(which makes it 100,000 times more annoying when all day long imagine someone shouting in an American accent in your head: DUDE, PIMP MY RIDE!)

Like, wah lau eh, GET LOST already…..

For all those MTV junkies out there, you should already know what this show is about. For the benefit of those people that don't watch MTV and don't know what the hell I'm talking about (you better be too broke to pay for cable or 35 years old and above or just spend your time watching Chinese MTV channel [V]. Muahahahhahaha), here is an explanation:

MTV – "Pimp my ride" is a show that happens weekly where 2 teams compete with each other to pimp (which means modify in this case) a pok-gai (that is Cantonese which means lousy/useless) car to become the coolest ride ever. So each team starts with a similar pok-gai car (now, you know what that means), come up with creative ideas based on the theme of the week and build really cool rides that blow your mind away. The winning team gets RESPECT and more importantly………….the other team’s car. :)
**Flash Update: 18 October 2006 - I have been updated by the MTV expert -Mak that the show with 2 teams competing is called "Trick it out" and not "Pimp my ride". Pimp my ride has the rap superstar and car specialist create unheard of pimped out masterpieces. However, I would like to confirm that the phrase "Pimp my ride" was in my head and NOT "Trick it out"

But enough of digression, once again as I was saying, the phrase “DUDE, PIMP MY RIDE” was in my mind the whollllleeeeeeeee day. And I’m also saying, I have no freaking idea why the hell that phrase is in my head. I mean…..it does NOTHING for me!

Dude, seriously……………. I don’t mind if there is like this really “healthy phrase” stuck in my head. Erm..for instance: *cough cough*
人人为我, 我为人人 (meaning – All for one and one for all) –
*CHIN CHONG CHANG *cymbals clashing to announce what a chin chong chang person I am :P

Correct????? So healthy!! But NOOOoooooooooooooooooo *sacarstic voice*. What was stuck in my head was: DUDE, PIMP MY RIDE!!!

I mean ENOUGH ALREADY. Just had to ask that voice to “ShOO Shoo….GET OUT OF MY Head. GET LOST!!!” *takes up the broom to do the sweeping act* (do you hear the cymbals clashing again??)

Well, while I'm talking about MTV, another thing I want to share is from Channel [V]. Channel [V] has this show called: “MTV! Wah Kao!!” (Yes, I watch channel [V] too, note how I consciously put the square brackets [ ] covering the V). So now, I take it upon my personal duty to explain what I think Wah Kao means.

Wah Kao means…………erm…wah kao. Its just like Wah Lau.

Hahhahaa. Okay, I don’t think I did justice to that explanation. Aiyah, sorry, seriously I can’t think of a better way to explain it. But like what the bak chor mee man says: “Sorry, your si nang tao (direct translation is: Dead Person Head) sorry also must expRain”

Anyway, so one day I asked my Taiwanese colleague what the phrase “wah kao” meant. She didn’t really answer me but just told me that “Wah Kao” is not a very ladylike thing to say. Like “Wah Lau”, nice ladies JUST don’t say it.

I thought about this long and hard and decided: “Ma ma de, I’m not nice lady so WAH KAO…………AWAY!!!!


Okay, before you think I’ve gone complete bonkers. Explanation time:
1) Slept only 2 hours last night. I tossed and turned till about 5.30am this morning and just couldn’t go to BED! And my brother was playing “Need for Speed” last night, so I’m thinking that phrase “DUDE PIMP MY RIDE” must have just popped into my head. *HORRORS, you mean it was nesting in my brain since last night?!?!??!*
2) And if I really had to guess the meaning of wah kao…hmmm…*thinks hard*….wah kao could be a hybrid between something harmless like 我的天啊!(direct translation: Oh my heavens) or…something less harmless like WTF! :)

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