Monday, October 16, 2006

Geography Lesson 001 - Southeast Asia

I had a discussion with my colleagues (Chinese) while stationed for work in Ho Chi Minh City last year. The question was:" Is Vietnam bigger than Thailand?" At that point in time, my first reaction was:" Hell yeah, Thailand should be WAY BIGGER than Vietnam...erm....correct?".

So when we got back to the office after our dinner, we googled it on the internet and then I realized: DAMN. The size of Thailand is 513118 km and the size of Vietnam is 329,560km. (I was expecting total land area for vietnam to be 1/4 that of Thailand).

And so, I went around quizzing my friends on some geography questions concerning S.E.A like:
a) On the map, what is the country to the left of Thailand?
b) Is Laos above or below cambodia?
c) Etc etc

And guess what...................................... most of us didn't know!!! Muahahahhaha.

Here is an excerpt of my hilarious conversation with my bro:
*USA CIA/FBI agents, if you want to snipe my brother, I can give u the address*
Erm....bro....seriously.....I love you and your sense of logic to death :)

So Kids, the lesson for today is to learn the south east asia map and don't be so darn swah ku lar, before you "clever-clever" go and learn the map of europe/africa/america/china.....拜托 (means please lar) learn the map of south east asia OK?

(As for me, erm, I had better start off with the map of singapore first. Hahahahahha. So I don't get lost looking for IKEA. :P)

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