Monday, October 16, 2006

Oh MaMa...Check out the giant cat fish - Mekong wonders

For some obscure reason, I wandered onto the National Geographic website at 3am in the morning and chanced upon this article.

(I've NEVER EVER EVER been on the National Geographic website but I do watch them on telly tho.) :) I must say HEY, that website is really not BAD. Very Interesting! (Book mark it book mark it!)

Okay, anyway, the picture above is NOT a hoax. Its a giant catfish caught from the Mekong river and ...erhem....their species are now facing the risk of extinction. I'm thinking: WTF! What other monsters are there in the Mekong river.....and then I thought....the NAGA!! (For those of you who don't know what the NAGA is.....where have you been?)

Read more about the giant catfish (eaten by villagers): National Geographic Article

The Mekong river really has piqued my curiousity. Just the other day, I watched this Thai movie called the "The Mekong Full Moon Party" (my Thai colleague bought it for me because I commented that I was interested about the strange phenomenon that happens at the Mekhong river near Nong Dhai (Thai village). You see, towards the end of the Buddhist Lent, there would be strange fireballs (colourless, odourless, smokeless) that shoot up in the air from the river (supposedly from the NAGA) to celebrate the end of buddhist lent. (Yes.....this movie is about it and it speculates on the different theories on how the fireballs came to be. It is very good. You should watch it!)
About the Naga's Fireballs

One day, I'm going to plan for a trip to watch this phenomenon. Perhaps I have to book a hospital bed when I check into the Nong Dhai village (if u don't understand, read the article above). AFter all, thailand is such a nice place. Sawardi -ka................

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