Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Feeling unwell......only 24 hours a day.

I have been sleeping an average of 3 hours a day for the past week since I've returned from South Africa. (My brother ask me how I manage to do it!)

My waking hours are spent doing the following things (estimated):
a) Reviewing stacks and stacks of documentations for work. :) 40%
b) Writing stacks and stacks of reports for my boss and attending conference calls. :) 40%
c) Reading newspaper and surfing the internet to answer the questions I have based on my reading. :P (Once again, I love the internet love the internet love the internet) 5%
d) Studying for Loma :( 5%
(Looks like I"m going to do miserably but I am just too tired when I return home so I just flip the pages.)
e) Travelling to work and listening to the radio 5% :O
f) Blogging 5% :)

(Yes, nhon, exercising is currently not on my daily to-do list. Working on it!!! But I know you are not proud of me so I put this in smaller fonts. Haha!)

In fact, I realize that I eat lunch at my desk while reading documents (today glenn had to pick up my sandwiches for me because i was feeling so unwell) and I ate dinner in 15 mins today while reading the newspaper online. It seems that the body is very unhappy with me at this current point in time. But I can't seem to sleep very well. Stressed up?

Anyway, I came home from work slightly earlier today while struggling with a conference call at the same time! Drove like a maniac demonstrating the idiotic Singaporean side of me: apologies to all the drivers who had the bad luck of seeing me on the streets today. :P

After my medication, I was going to bed but I ended up having a chat with my brother on lots of stuff. I think he is a very informed person (he reads a lot!) and I encouraged him to share it in his blog. It only takes 15-30 mins a day and I feel that it is wonderful thing to share.....In the sharing process, we learn many things from the people around us as well.

P/s: The fever has subsided. Its great to be alive!!!

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FF said...

rest well, work well. :) happy to see that fever is gone!