Saturday, October 14, 2006

Haze and Rain Update

As of 10pm on 14th October 2006, the PSI reading is 116. It has been steadily climbing all day!!! I'm not feeling so calm and tolerant at this moment in time. *murderous look in my eye* I could just about KILL some bloody inconsiderate KUKU bird out there right across the strait.......

Its bloody HOT and bloody HUMID and so very UNCOMFORTABLE. And it is so much WORSE when you know that every time you inhale, you are breathing in BAD AIR that will slowly work to KILL YOU. Slowly but surely. Sure, I can hide in an air con room all day but hey let's just say everyone is doing just about that.....aren't we also ultimately contributing to a greater destruction of the ozone layer. *cough cough* The throat is starting to itch and I'm actually having sore throat symptoms.
Erm....maybe if it rains the air will clear abit. *jamie starts to prepare for the rain dance*

Oh! Talking about RAIN. I just read in the newspaper (actually it was yesterday's newspaper) that Rain is coming to Singapore on January 21st. Tickets ranging between $188 to $888. Wah lau eh....How many rich people out there will pay $1000 for a bloomin Korean concert where you don't understand a SINGLE word except for the occasional incoherent sentence in English which gets repeated 2/3 times every chorus. Anyway, my fiery penguin-tiger (yes, you know who I'm talking about). It might be worth it after all.

P/s: I also note that on Friday's newspaper, I read 2 articles about the haze problem. One article talked about $79m lost due to a dip in tourism, productivity (because ermm people take time off from work if they are sick)....and recreation.
Also, a correction to my earlier post, this year's haze is not as bad as in 1997. (But hey, it is still damn bloody BAD okay. Too much...basket!)
The other article talked about environment ministers from Asean - meeting to discuss the haze problem and that "Indonesia and the regional countries would take concrete steps and develop a long-term plan of action towards preventing the haze. "

Hmm.....A very comforting thought.....we will see if there are any improvements next year. Meanwhile, I might thinking about digging out my mask -purify the air- very soon. (the unused mask which I bought while working in Shanghai during the SARS period)

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